Week 3 Summary

All of the assignments for Web Design 1 really kept me busy this week. The topics of study this week included HTML, CSS, as well as our first look into photoshop (well, it was definitely my first look). Included in te reading was also a interesting article by Brandon Jones, titled,  “Understanding Visual Hierarchy in Web Design”. It described techniques you can you use to establish visual hierarchy in your designs.

The lynda.com practice this week was more challenging, as this was the first week we used the practice files. I found that between taking notes on the lectures and completing the practice files, there was a lot of information to take away. I particularly liked the section on CSS. I’ve had a shaky understanding of it and now I feel much more comfortable.

I really like how this course is progressing. I’m enjoying the content and the structure. I appreciate that every bit of information is used in the exercise and graded assignments. I expressed the same feelings in the survey this week, which hinted at a Web Design 2 course. I can’t wait to hear more about that course in the spring.


Week 2 Summary

I think the title for this week of Web Design 1 should be “In Color and Picture”. Our assignments were based around Chapter 2 of The Principals of Beautiful Web Design, which was simply “Color”. The topic of color psychology is interesting. It made me more curious about the meanings of colors in different cultures. Color temperatures and theory included discussion of  schemes, color models, chromatic value and saturation. Also included in chapter two was a section on hexadecimal color codes.

Oh, the never-ending joys of hex. The author, Jason Beaired, also included several very useful tools for creating and checking color schemes. They included: Color Scheme Designer, Adobe Kuler,ColourLovers, ColorStream for iPhone(which I couldn’t find), Pictaculous, and the Color Contrast Checker by Jonathan Snook.

The lectures and reading covered more about colors and also HTML linking and file formats.

I finally received the much needed memory upgrade for my MacBook Pro, the absence of which was preventing installation of Adobe. I have spent a lot of time exploring Dreamweaver, and even used it for one of my other classes.

The resume assignment was interesting. I enjoyed creating themes with Kuler, I wish I had a better selection of original photos to chose from though. I’m curious to see how the assignment comes together.


Week 1 Summary

Week 1 felt like a review of web technologies and principals. Which are the very important basics necessary for web design. I have reviewed most of the material before in previous classes, but it was interesting none the less. The reading consisted of a very well written article by Jeremy Keith covering the history of markup languages (http://www.alistapart.com/articles/a-brief-history-of-markup/). It emphasized the evolutionary element of HTML and its subsequent versions. The second article assigned was “FTP Frequently Asked Questions” from Vicomsoft (http://www.ftpclient.com/ftp_client_faq.html) Its discussed several interesting points about File Transfer Protocol or FTP. FTP is the standard Internet protocol for transferring files between two computers (the client and the server). FTP is used over HTTP for downloading files.

This week’s lecture was an overview of the history and common terns of the World Wide Web. Some of the topics discussed were Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), browsers, file naming conventions, Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). One of the topics that I’m not so familiar with is WYSIWYG editors, as I have never used Dreamweaver or Expression before. Dreamweaver was introduced in the lynda.com practices, and I’m excited to start using it.

I’m not sure what videos to link except for the lecture video:https://angel.aacc.edu/AngelUploads/Content/USER-jmschuster/CAT274/module01/overview-www.html

I would also like to include a ink to W3 Schools (http://www.w3schools.com/) which I think is an excellent resource for this class.


This blog is a repository for knowledge gained from AACC course Art 170 (Web Design 1). I hope to see this blog blossom as my web design skills sharpen.

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